San Gabriel's Horn - Secluded Private River Retreat - Distinctly Williamson County
San Gabriel's Horn - Secluded Private River Retreat - Distinctly Williamson County
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Trademarks and Usage Guidelines
San Gabriel's Horn Trademarks & Usage Guidelines
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San Gabriel's Horn trademarks identify San Gabriel's Horn products and services, and help the public identify the manufacturer/provider of those products and services. You may make use of San Gabriel's Horn' trademarks in advertising and promotional materials, when referring to San Gabriel's Horn' products and services without permission from San Gabriel's Horn, Georgetown, Texas, the owner, provided you follow the standard trademark usage practices and provide proper attribution.
Use of San Gabriel's Horn Trademarks
If a San Gabriel's Horn trademark has already been registered, the ® should be placed immediately after the trademark, and if the trademark has not been registered, the Ô should be placed immediately after the trademark. The full name of the trademark must be used throughout the publication. The first time a trademark appears in a publication, it should be marked appropriately. Thereafter, the trademark does not need to be marked in the same publication, except for the trademark "San Gabriel's Horn Ô" (the San Gabriel's Horn Logo) which must have the non registered trademark symbol used throughout.
You may not use San Gabriel's Horn' trademarks, whether design or word marks, in the following
In a non-San Gabriel's Horn product name or publication title.
In, as, or as part of non-San Gabriel's Horn trademarks.
To identify non-San Gabriel's Horn products or services.
In a manner likely to cause confusion.
In a manner that implies inaccurately that San Gabriel's Horn sponsors or endorses, or is otherwise connected with, non-San Gabriel's Horn activities, products, and services.
In a manner that disparages San Gabriel's Horn or
If you have any questions regarding the use of a San Gabriel's Horn trademark, please contact: SGH's Corporate Marketing Department at:
Proper Attribution of San Gabriel's Horn Trademarks
When you use San Gabriel's Horn trademarks, please include the following brief statement attributing the trademarks to SGH:
© 2007-Present San Gabriel's Horn. All rights reserved. San Gabriel's Horn , [List any other SGH trademark (Ô) names used in your publication] are trademarks of San Gabriel's Horn, Georgetown, Texas, which are registered or pending in certain jurisdictions. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
San Gabriel's Horn Trademarks
The following is a list of San Gabriel's Horn registered and non-registered trademarks. The list may not be exhaustive and is subject to change at any time.
San Gabriel's Horn Ô Ô
The Horn Ô
San Gabriel Horn Ô Ô
Horn Development Incorporated Ô
Horn Development Inc. Ô Ô
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