San Gabriel's Horn - Secluded Private River Retreat - Distinctly Williamson County
San Gabriel's Horn - Secluded Private River Retreat - Distinctly Williamson County
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 History and Legends of Saint Gabriel and The Horn
The San Gabriel's Horn Story
How It Came to Be
'The Horn', as it has come to be known, is the result of more than one dream. It was originally designed and then finally built in 1985 by Georgetown Medical Doctor, Tom Parker. Parker raised his family on the site for two decades, relishing in its natural and un-retouched beauty. In 2005 the property of 5 acres and panoramic views of the San Gabriel Georgetown River Valley was placed on the market for sale by Parker.  After almost 2 years of poor economy and the failure of the property to find a buyer, time gave way to attrition. Attrition took a heavy toll on the once proud and secluded private river retreat.
Left un-maintained and empty, the property depreciated while time altered some things. Toll Road TX 130 was built, Georgetown grew to need a larger high school and expanded east on TX 29, and Williamson County became the fastest growing county in the Texas Hill Country, which literally translated to mean 'one of the most popular places in the US'.
Other things, some really tough things occurred in nature. The record breaking drought of '06 and then worse, the sustained floods of early-summer 2007 came unpredicted. Time saw 'The Horn' become the unwitting home to numerous wild animals, snakes and vagrants that elevated with the river. Exposed to the elements and unrelenting moisture, foundation failures forced walls out and down as much as four inches on both sides and across the front of the house.  The once beautiful brick face of the unique architecture became broken, weathered, and near enough to complete collapse, that most restoration contractors declared it a 'tear-down and rebuild'.
In the fall of '07 the property was purchased by Ray Palla, a native son of Williamson County. Born in Taylor, TX, Ray had the idea of a rebirth for the San Gabriel River home. Using a map of 'the horn of the river' as his template, Ray began reinventing the property with the hope of returning to the community a gift of private sanctuary alongside San Gabriel River harmony and relaxation. Realizing the potential and growth in Georgetown and Williamson County Ray determined to build, 'San Gabriel's Horn'.
Today 'The Horn' is exquisitely and proudly ongoing in its renewal and improvement. Browse our 'Photos' gallery or come see for yourself the magic of 'The Horn'!*
"When Gabriel blows the horn we all go to paradise... 'The Horn' of the San Gabriel River is paradise now." -  ray - 2007  (prior to restoration, unrefined)
"'Left alone the Horn is just another diamond in the rough... A caring touch will give it some polish... I want to give it some 'Big State' style."

* Tours by appointment: Tue-Thurs Noon-7PM
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Although San Gabriel's Horn  is not affiliated with any particular religious bearing, organization, denomination or belief; the following information is provided for interest and the purpose of reporting historical legend and to reference and recognize otherwise documented literature.
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Who is San (Saint) Gabriel?

Who is San (Saint) Gabriel?The Archangel Gabriel is called the Angel of the Annunciation because it was he who informed Mary that she had found favor with the Lord and that she would conceive in her womb the Son of God. The lilies Gabriel carries symbolize the purity of Mary.
The Archangel Gabriel also announced to Zacharias that he would have a son born to him who would be John the Baptist.
It was the Archangel Gabriel who inspired Joan of Arc to go to the aid of the King of France.
There is a tradition that Gabriel is the Angel of Birth. It is said that he carefully spends the nine months of the pregnancy watching over each unborn child and instructing that child on the necessary knowledge of Heaven that is an inherent part of all people. Just before birth, though, Gabriel touches each baby on the upper lip to make the child unable to remember all of the information about Heaven until the child returns to the spiritual state at death. The sign of Gabriel’s Touch is the cleft just below the nose.
Gabriel is the Governor of Eden, the ruler of the Cherubim. He is one of the two angels mentioned by name in the Old Testament, along with Michael.
Gabriel is the Angel of the Resurrection and the Angel of Mercy. He rules the first heaven, which is the heaven closest to humankind.
In Jewish legend, it was Gabriel who dealt death and destruction to the sinful cities of Sodom and Gommorah.
According to the Talmud (Sanhedrin 95b) it was Gabriel who destroyed the armies of Sennacherib "with a sharpened scythe which had been ready since Creation."
The poet Longfellow, in his ‘The Golden Legend’, makes Gabriel the angel of the moon who brings man the gift of hope.
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The Archangel Gabriel

Gabriel is the third of the 4 Great Archangels, and Master of the Powers of Love.

The Archangel GabrielTo visualize Him, you need to turn your minds' eye to the West, and imagine you are facing the shimmering image of this gentle Archangel of Water.
His image before you is one of magnetic intensity; passive yet undeniably compelling.
The rich copper tones of sunset reflect in the sheen of his hair, as he stands in a muslin robe of gossamer blue, bedecked by a mist of sequined stars, as fragile and tenuous as an evening sky. He holds a brilliant chalice, encrusted in precious jewels, and filled to overflowing with the waters of life.
Gabriel touches the heart and emotions, for he is the bringer of Love, and his chalice represents the notion of compassion amidst the sorrows of life. - as in much the same way we can find more time to rest at the end of a challenging day, sharing our feelings with those we care about, and maybe finding some forgiveness for ourselves and the wrong doing of others. The chalice represents the Holy Grail, the Cup of contentment, tenderness and joy, and reminds us that there is no need to fight for Love, for we can find it within ourselves. Great strength can be found in vulnerability.
Gabriel is sometimes seen with the silhouette of an Eagle, fused in silver across his breast, which shimmers as he moves. This represents the higher side of Scorpio, the invincible bird of prey that transcends the stars, and signals Transformation, Rebirth, and the rising of the Phoenix in a blaze of new life.
If you watch carefully, Gabriel will smile down at you, an all pervading softness emanating from the lunar blue of his eyes, which hold within them the shadowy whisper of a hundred memories, born from yesterday.
He turns and faces outwards across the shaded skies of dusk, raising the crystal flowing nectar high above his head, and remains, with wings outspread, in a stance of unconquerable receptivity.

The cup of Gabriel is the cup of Love, and lies in the depths of our feelings and the ebb and flow of the tides.
- - -
(San Gabriel, Saint Gabriel Archangel, Angel Gabriel)
Source: by: Cat Yronwode

Archangel Gabriel, Messenger of GodThe Archangel Gabriel is the exalted Messenger of God, whose name means "The Strength of God" and whose deeds are recorded in the Jewish scriptures, where the spirit aided the Prophet Daniel in the interpretation of his dream-visions. Although an important Jewish angel, Gabriel has touched the lives of those of different religions as well.
In the Christian Bible, it is Gabriel who brings important news to Zachary and the Virgin Mary concerning their children-to-be, and many Christians believe that at the Last Judgment Gabriel will blow a sacred trumpet horn.
Furthermore, according to Muslims, Gabriel dictated the Koran to Mohammed over a period of 23 years and also accompanied the Prophet on his Night Journey.
Some people believe that Gabriel is a female spirit; others hold that angels have no gender.
Because of Gabriel's role as a communicator and mediator between Heaven and Earth, Catholics hold the Archangel to be a Patron Saint of broadcasters, telecommunications workers, diplomats, messengers, postal workers, and stamp collectors. Because Gabriel helped the prophet Daniel interpret his dreams, those seeking similar aid with their own dream work may petition the Archangel for help. Additionally, because Gabriel announced the births of both John the Baptist and Jesus Christ, women hoping for heavenly assistance in trying to conceive children have reported benefits from keeping an Angel Gabriel novena candle burning in the home.
The picture of the Angel Gabriel on this page is taken from a Lucky Mojo brand Catholic novena candle label and shows the spirit appearing as an annunciator, a bringer of good news and understanding.
Because of Gabriel's eminent position, holy cards, candles, and anointing oils bearing the likeness of this archangel have long been available in the marketplace. These are used by spiritual practitioners who wish to keep the image of Gabriel before them as a simple adjunct to their prayers and devotions. It is said that those who light a novena candle to the Archangel Gabriel will receive news they have been awaiting.
There are a total of seven Archangels according to ancient Jewish beliefs -- of whom four are most commonly petitioned, those being Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel. In African American hoodoo folk magic or rootwork, two of them are associated with a powerful natural curio called Angelica Root or Archangel Root. Archangel Michael, the eldest, is used with Angelica Root as a defender of women. Archangel Gabriel who is concerned with the announcements of pregnancy, is allied with this root in its role as an herbal tonic for women's reproductive health.
It is my hope that the following prayer to the Archangel Gabriel will be of use to all, and will find service among those who request the intercession of this great and powerful heavenly being.

Alleged to Help in Communication and Conception

Beloved Gabriel,
Glorious Messenger of the Court of Heaven
and most excellent Saint and Archangel,
first minister of God,
interpreter for Daniel the Prophet,
instructor of Zachary the Priest,
annunciator to our Holy Mother Mary,
bringer of the word of truth:

Please favor my devotions and
help me to love and serve you,
and, through you,
to love and serve the Lord.

O Gabriel Archangel,
grant me what I most earnestly desire
and humbly ask for with this prayer,
for the honor, glory, and fulfillment
of my soul.

Prayer to Archangel Gabriel

When a divine spirit grants your wish, it is customary, to give an offering of some kind in return. Because Archangel Gabriel, the Messenger of God, is generally depicted with white lilies or a trumpet horn, it is considered appropriate to make an offering of white flowers or to play music before the altar as a thank-offering.

'... but really, life is short, just have fun.' - r - now

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